Hey Makers! Let's make running your handmade shop dead simple.

Track inventory.
Manage builds.
All from your phone.

Track Inventory

I know I've got that maple around here somewhere...

Let's face it, shops get messy!

Unfortunately Shoptopus can't keep your shop clean, but it does make it dead simple to track what materials you do and don't have - even if they are alittle hard to find. Just enter what you have on hand today and how much you use with each build, and Shoptopus will keep a running tally of what's left.

Running low? Shoptopus stores contact details from your suppliers so you can order more in 2 quick taps!

Manage Builds

Okay, I've got an order for 16 cutting boards.. or was it 18?

Keep track of what you are building, what you need to build, and what you've already built. Shoptopus makes it simple to manage all types of builds - whether it's an order for a customer, a favor for Aunt Louise, or the project you built that awesome jig for last month.

Trying to figure out exactly how many labor hours you use when pricing your products? Easily record all the steps you take along the way and exactly how much time you are spending on each one.


Shoptopus is a side project and is currently offered for free.
This will be true as long as Shoptopus has users and it's affordable to do so.